Match Colour Switch

Pick out the perfect colour for L'etoile Smart Switch to match your existing colourful wall

Match L'etoile Switch Colour With Your Existing Wall

L’etoile Designer Home Automation allows you to select Smart Switch Colour with your existing beautiful wall using Web App.

Match L'etoile Smart Switch Colour & Wall Colour using Web App

1. Select Wall Colour

Select the wall colour shade of your choice from the colour company of your choice.

2.Select Buttons

Choose from button pre-sets or add / remove and reposition them as desired.

3. Try Other Options

Try out all the option given in app for e.g change logo colour, button colour etc.

4. Save & Buy

Save your design, Buy and Enjoy your experience.

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Features To Make Your Life
Super Easy

L'etoile Smart Switch is a fantastic fusion, where art meets technology.
More than just features, we believe in innovation at core and make it available at your fingertips.

Extended warranty upto 3 years

No change in existing wiring

24/7 Support

Infinite choices within budget

Shock proof even with wet hands

Facility to repair remotely