L’etoile, The world’s first designer home automation switch

L’etoile is the world’s first designer home automation switch. It is 100% Designed, Developed and Manufactured In India.

Wait, why “L’etoile”, a French name?

L’etoile means “The Star”. We have chosen French name since our products will always have art. We respect French for their contribution to the art. Our primary focus is to design products for India. We know Indian culture, diversity, infrastructure and technical challenges very well.

What is designer home automation?

We practically provide infinite design choices on the smart switch. It allows you to print any design of your choice on the glass.

L’etoile is disruptive product in home automation segment. It is focused on providing Choice, Comfort, Flexibility and hassle-free integration with your existing home systems.

Our products

Personalized Smart Home Switch

Designer wall with L’etoile Designer Switch

Match Color Switch

Our mission

To leverage innovative fusion of Art, Software, and Hardware; to create new people products and new global markets with leadership position.

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