L'etoile is Designer Home Automation Switch. You can have practically infinite design choices for your Smart Switch with awesome support and affordability.
You can design it using our unique Web App here http://www.letoile.in/personalized-smart-home-switch-app/#/popup. If you have any query, you can check our product pages or call on 904 904 8976.
You can call us @ 904 904 8976 and order switch with the perfect choice.
You can contact us @ 904 904 8976 or else you can also place your problem using your L'etoile mobile app.
Yes. We have child lock mechanism inbuilt. Also, the front panel is shockproof even though your hands are wet.
Nope! Get in touch with us for more details. @ 904 904 8976
Yes, the switch comes with 1 year warranty which can be extended to 3 years, by purchasing extended warranty. The warranty covers only manufacturing defects.
Yes! It is made for all the family members. It can be operated through touch with hand, through remote as well. The remote is designed keeping in mind elders at home.
Letoile Remote is IR (Infrared) remote with max 30 feet line of sight range. Sometime IR signals can be reflected by wall and in that case, it can work non line of sight too.
Yes! Please check the different available sizes on respective product pages.


Yes, you can connect upto two ACs to Letoile switch.
Without hindrance, you can operate switch through Bluetooth till 30 Feet.
Yes, you can operate curtains with L'etoile switch.
Yes, you can replace front glass panel.
L'etoile power board can support from 90 to 270 Volts.
You can create 4 types of mood lighting with L'etoile switch.
No, You don’t need to change wires or make any extra corrections in wire for L'etoile switch.
Yes, you can operate the switch when inverter is on.
Yes, You can operate more than one switch through L'etoile mobile app.

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Personalized Switch

Design switch of your own choice! Your family photo or a beautiful artistic design!


Designer Wall With Switch.

Make your designer wall more elegant with Designer Smart Switch


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Pick out the perfect designer switch which goes well with your interior.