Get virtual experience of smart switch with My L’etoile mobile app

L’etoile Designer Home Automation brings you the perfect smart switch solution. You can operate all the electronic devices in your home from your mobile phone with just a tap of a finger. Download ‘My L’etoile’ mobile app and get a virtual experience of a switch!

The My L’etoile Mobile App:

  • Download the ‘My L’etoile’ mobile app for Android from Google play store and for iOS from App store.
     L'etoile mobile app
  • Here you get the daily updates from L’etoile, where you can watch videos, instruction guides, newly introduced features, etc without login.
    My L'etoile mobile app designer home automation
  • You can get virtual experience on how the smart switch operates the devices in your home from the app without login.
     L'etoile mobile app
  • This is the virtual room with electronic devices like TV, fan, curtains, lights etc. You can operate from the smart switch controlled by the mobile app.
     L'etoile mobile app
  • For example, tap on the TV icon among the switch buttons and watch the TV turn on.
     L'etoile mobile app
  • Play around and try out the other devices operated by the switch in the virtual room.
     L'etoile mobile app
  • Isn’t it cool? Log into My L’etoile and request a free demo of the smart electrical switch plate at your home!
     L'etoile mobile app

Additional features of the mobile App:

  1. Multiple switches through the app can be operated.
  2. Mulitple moods can be set.
  3. Set night help lights.
  4. Multiple levels of easy debugging including remote control test, touch test, mobile test.
  5. Debugging made available.


Download ‘My L’etoile’ app now!

 L'etoile mobile app     L'etoile mobile app