How to make your wall paint design more beautiful & smart?

While renovating your home, we always think of wall paint design, designer wall, color, wall decals, wall decor and much more. One of the biggest pains while designing the wall is how to manage things that disturb the design.

Things that are movable like old furniture etc, we move it or change it as per our design choices. But what about the electrical switch? We can’t get rid of it! The only choice for your beautiful wall paint design is to consider ugly electrical switch being part of it. At the max, we can consider having coloured switches like these…

Still, we have limited choices and somewhere, we consider compromising the best wall paint design.

Smart choice for your wall paint design

  • What if you can design the switch the way you want with the best designer wall paint available?
  • What if the electrical switch becomes part of your wall paint design?

Yes! it is possible.

L’etoile designer home automation solves your problem, exactly the way you want! There are practically infinite design choices that can be part of your wall pain design for bedroom, living room or kid’s room.

L’etoile Smart Switches

Designer wall with L’etoile Designer Switch

How to customize it?

We have an innovative web app to design the switch the way you want to! Click the button below. If you need any assistance, get in touch.

Customize your own smart watch & wall

wall paint design - design your own wall web app